Paris 2024 Olympics FAQ

Will Paris Bike Tours be running during the Olympics?

Yes! We are fully open during the Olympics and excited to be part of the event!

With the cost of public transport doubling during the games & getting around the city very difficult by taxi or car, bikes will be the best way to get around the city! A total of 60 kilometers of bike paths named ‘Olympilanes’ will link all of the Games’ competition venues together. 

Our Paris office 27 Rue Bosquet 75007 remains accessible to all pedestrians and cyclists during the entire duration of the games.

We are located right by the Eiffel Tower & one street from famous rue Cler Market Street.

Our nearest metro stop Ecole Militaire is only closing on the 26th July for the Opening Ceremony.

If you booked a tour with us during this time, we will be running a special Paris Olympics Bike Tour version of our Paris Bike Tours!

The Tour does not require you to get a QR Code.

For our Paris: Evening Bike & Boat Tour Tour the boat will not be running from the 18th-26th July. We will include wine  and a boat ticket to use at a later time.

What about Versailles?

Versailles is hosting the equestrian events but will be minimally impacted by the Olympics as the stations, town, Palace and Gardens will remain open during the entirety of the Olympics without the need for a QR Code.

All our Versailles tours include Skip the Line Access & a guided tour of the Château  (Palace) & Royal Gardens. 

For our Bike Tours around Versailles, we will be running as usual! If you book on 27th & 28th July just be aware our bike riding section will be shorter as we do not have access to the Grand Canal area on these days, however we will be able to visit all our usual stops otherwise.

Winning at the Olympics: Paris 2024 Travel Survival Guide

Rent a Bike

Navigating Paris during the Olympics might mean facing crowded metros, possible strikes, and road closures.
Click here to rent a bike.

Take a Day Trip

With Paris set to be very busy, take a trip to Versailles, Giverny or Champagne!
Click here to book a day trip.

Apply for a QR Code ASAP

To avoid any delays QR Codes can be obtained on this link and are called “Pass Jeux”.
Click here to apply.

Do I need a QR Code?

If you are joining us on our Paris and/or Versailles tours during the Pre-Olympics or Olympics stages, you will not need a QR Code to join us! Our Paris Base, Versailles Tour meeting point and routes are specifically adapted to ensure that our tours can run while being minimally impacted by the Olympics. 

For navigating around the preparations for the games, the city has put in place three different zones around the events. They are labeled in three categories: Grey Zone (SILT), Red Zone & Blue Zone. You can view the map of the different zone restrictions based on date & time in the link here. Here are the different zones:

 The Blue Zone just marks a checkpoint area where the city will be filtering traffic. If you are on foot or on bicycle, this does not affect you. If you are in a vehicle, they will simply be verifying you have a reason to cross this zone, like a reservation somewhere or a hotel drop off.

 The Red Zone is a restricted traffic area. If you are on foot or on bicycle, this does not affect you either. If you are in a vehicle, they will be checking that the vehicle or driver has a special Vehicle Pass (QR Code) that allows them to enter this area. You can obtain this pass for your vehicle on this link if you are a resident, visitor with lodging in the area, making deliveries or an accredited taxi.

 The Grey Zone (SILT) is a safety perimeter which will be activated in two different ways: First, around the River Seine from 18th July to 26th July in a large part of Paris; then only on Competition sites from 27th July to 11th August.

 During the first stage 18th to 26th, the River Seine, adjoining streets & islands will be encompassed in this Grey Zone (SILT) as they prepare for the Opening Ceremony. During this time, if you would like to cross into the Grey Zone, may it be on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle, you will need a QR Code for each member of your party. 

How do I get a QR Code?

QR Codes can be obtained on this link and are called “Pass Jeux”. Should you wish to obtain one here are the instructions:

  1. In your application, you have to provide proof of why you will be traveling within this area, including a Restaurant reservation, a timed-entry museum ticket, proof of residence in the area, confirmation email from a shop you’d like to visit in the area or a booking confirmation for your lodging.
  2. The application takes about a week to process, so make sure to have your QR Code ready for your visit if you plan on circulating within this area.
  3. If you have any issues obtaining your QR Code, don’t hesitate to contact the Prefecture d’Ile-de-France directly.
  4. Once obtained, the QR Code is valid for the entirety of the Pre-Olympics stage.

    During the Olympics, if you have a ticket for an event, you simply have to show your ticket at the entrance to access the area. You cannot enter a Grey Zone during an Olympic event if you do not have a ticket for that day.

What Metro Stops will be closed during the Olympics?

During the Pre-Olympics 18th July to 26th July, the following stations will be closed as located in the Grey Zone (SILT):

    Cité (Line 4): Hop down at Chatelet (Lines 1, 4, 7, 11 & 14) or Saint Michel (Line 4) stations and then cross over into the Grey Zone with your QR Code.

  Quai de la Rapée (line 5): Hop down at Bastille (Lines 1, 5, 8) and then cross over into the Grey Zone with your QR Code.

  Passy & Trocadéro (Line 6 & Lines 6, 9): Hop down at Boissière (Line 6) or Iéna (Line 9) and then cross over into the Grey Zone with your QR Code.

  Alma-Marceau (Line 9): Hop down at Iéna (Line 9) or Franklin D Roosevelt (Lines 1 & 9) and then cross over into the Grey Zone with your QR Code.

  Line 7 only: Chatelet, Pont Marie & Pont Neuf stations: All these stations on line 7 are located within the Grey Zone. Hop down at either Sully-Morland (Line 7) if you’re looking to join the Pont Marie area or Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre (Line 7) if you’re looking to join the Pont Neuf & Chatelet areas. Do note this is a longer walk either way (~15min).

  Line 11 only: Chatelet & Hotel de Ville stations: these stations on line 11 are located within the Grey Zone. Hop down at Rambuteau (Line 11) and then cross over into the Grey Zone with your QR Code.

 The following stations will be closed from 20th July to 11th August:

  Champs Elysées-Clémenceau (Lines 1 & 13): Hop down at Franklin D Roosevelt (Line 1) or Miromesnil (Line 13) and walk over (about 10-15min).

The following stations will be closed during the entire Summer:

  Concorde (Lines 1, 8 & 12): you can hop down at Madeleine (Lines 8 & 12) or Palais Royal-Musée de Louvre (Line 1) and walk over (about 5-10min).

  Tuileries (Line 1): you can hop down at Palais Royal-Musée de Louvre (Line 1) and walk over (about 5-10min).

On the 26th July past 13:00/1pm, we recommend you not try to cross Paris except if you are attending the Opening Ceremony, as transport will be heavily impacted by closures past this time.

Easy to find.

Drop by our base in central Paris to meet your guide for your Paris tour or rent a bike! 

Our address 27 rue Bosquet, 75007. The office is conveniently near the Eiffel Tower and the famous market street rue Cler. The nearest metro station is Ecole Militaire (line 8), which is just a 2-minute walk from our office.

We recommend using the City Mapper app to navigate your way around Paris. 

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