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Paris Under Lockdown

Paris Under Lockdown

Empty Trocadero During Paris Lockdown

Paris under lockdown is like nothing our generation has ever seen.

From the early rumors of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China that began circulating in late December to in less than three months more than a fifth of the world being in lockdown, who could have seen this coming? (except maybe Bill Gates…).

In Paris we are ending our fourth week in lockdown, and we have seen a coming together of France that has been beautiful. In this post we will share some incredible images we have come across, some insight on the French reaction and our news at Boutique Bike Tours.


For a city of people who are almost fondly known for being rude, impatient and pretentious (not saying we agree!) Covid-19 has proved this reputation wrong.

On Tuesday 18 March, day one of lockdown, a social media trend led to a new nightly ritual in France. It has been an incredible sight every single night of our four-week lockdown, to see windows opening and the resounding applause for our healthcare and essential workers.

There has been no slow down, or night missed, and at the end neighbors wave ‘Bonne soirée’ to one another, in a beautiful act of connection and resilience.

No Traffic in Place Vendome

The reaction to the Paris lockdown is even more incredible given its history

France is well known for being a people that take to the streets. From the French revolution in 1789, to the four revolutions that followed and more recently the Yellow Vest protests and pension reform strikes. France is not a country one can imagine complying to lockdown rules imposed by the government.

Even more poignantly, that in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 2015 and 2016, the height of solidarity was showing up on a café terrace for a glass of wine.

Nevertheless, the 65 million people of France have been praised for their new version of solidarity as they remain indoors.

This is what gives us hope for France beating Covid-19 so that we can again enjoy the beauty of human connection and share the city of romance with you all.

Paris Under Lockdown: Photography

Boutique Bike Tours in the Versailles Gardens Paris
Boutique Bike Tours Team

Covid-19 & Boutique Bike Tours

It is, we are sure, no surprise to you all that our wheels are not currently spinning. Until the quarantine lifts and it is safe to resume the adventure, the bikes will remain in their garage, the picnic blankets folded and ready, the comté ageing to perfection and the wine stored safety (for now!).

We are thinking of each of you who have joined us in Paris & Versailles since we launched and those who are planning to join us in the future. We wish you all safety and health in this time. Covid-19 has made us even more grateful for the opportunity we have had to create such special memories and connections. There are so many of you who remain in contact & follow the adventure, and that is pretty precious.

We are also grateful that we live in a time where though we are separated, we are not truly isolated. Over the coming weeks we plan on sharing some beautiful content to bring France directly to you, at home. Until one day soon, we hope, you can join us in Paris or Versailles in person.

On se voit à Paris, See you in Paris

Stu, Niki & the Boutique Team

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